Thursday, July 17, 2008

Welcome To This Crazy World Exhibit

When first asked to do an exhibit using hallmark's archives, my first thoughts were to create some funky rock posters sourcing some of the bizarre postcards I remember from past visits.  I had recently met a former co-worker, Jesse Atwell, and knew he fronted his band Calvin Yordy.  He gave me a copy of his EP to check out.  After giving it a listen and getting a taste of the content, I thought it would be great to channel his lyrics through this show.  He graciously agreed.  All the songs deal with the highs and lows of relationships.  Hallmark also deals with relationships, usually.  So there's my tie-in.  After going down and gathering a slew of sources that inspired me, I started creating visuals for the song titles and lyrics that interested me.  I chose some wonderfully quirky sources that seemed to take on a life of their own.  My goal was to get people to look at the archives differently and explore a point of view previously unexplored. -c


marcia said...
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Carlos V. said...

Wow all these are amazingly gorgeous and well designed. Incredible work and I love your thought process.