Thursday, July 17, 2008

Reception/Exhibit pics

Here are some pics of the space I created to host the exhibit here in hallmark's archives on the 7th floor.  From a life sized magician, who had in his hat a sources used/poster takeaway, a man-bat, a sea serpent, to a giant elephant creature with twins that took the "L" in the show's title "Welcome to this Crazy World" to reveal "We come to this Crazy World" (get it), I wanted viewers to transcend into this space for a moment and feel caught up in a strange dream.  Everyone who enters this space have been in relationships before, and can hopefully find humor in a few of the pieces. For the reception itself, I wanted everything to have symbolism.  A bouquet of dead roses breaks up the space between walls.  Strawberries and blocks of shattered chocolate were served. It was all great fun. -c

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Emily said...

Chris - I love your description of the exhibit and the photos you collected here. I particularly like your Ouch Thank You, complete with the forgotten-badge sticker on your leg.

Very nice work! See you at the Cirque! (that rhymes!)