Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Automatic Tattoo Machine

A co-worker forwarded me this link today about an automatic tattoo machine called Auto Ink. Why this seems to only randomly assign religious symbols is a little strange and limiting, as is the forearm only placement.. but with further development, imagine the possibilities. For better or worse, this has left me intrigued. The precision factor is kind of appealing (assuming the machine doesn't get bumped!). And If you could upload and program the needle to move with your own artwork, the possibilities are endless. But missing out on the hunt for a good shop, the smells, the music, working with an artist.. that would be a shame. These are the things that create an experience. What ever happened to human interaction? Human inter-huh?? Anyway, as a standalone object, the machine has a nice shape to it. Customizing it to your liking could plus it even further.

I have mixed feelings about this 'Auto Ink', but lean towards supporting those tattoo artists sticking themselves out there making a living doing what they enjoy. -C

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Missouri Western State University: Working Artists Discussion

Our good friend Misha Kligman teaches foundation drawing at Missouri Western State University, and asked if we'd come talk to both of his classes about life as working artists. We were happy to do it, and put together a little power point presentation featuring work that showcased our process. More exciting though was getting to participate in two critiques. The assignment was to do an autobiographical illustration either in a series or a single image. The results were varied, and dishing out constructive criticism to a bunch of new-to-us students was kind of a thrill. Between Misha, Mirna and myself, a good range of comments were offered up.. I kept touching on composition, concept, and paying attention to details.. Mirna had drawing technique advise and related well to illustration concerns.. and Misha didn't sugar coat anything. Very tough, very sincere, very effective. To stay engaged and give everyone your full attention for hours (with little nourishment) was exhausting. I left having a new respect for teachers.. and Misha. Great experience! -C