Monday, February 23, 2009

Wedding Gift/ Poster

And so it begins. Families merge. Two become one. This was our favorite collaboration to date. Credit Mirna for the concept. She drew out the line work for the trees and hand lettered the names of invited attendees and family. She also added a nice secondary element with the organic leaf shapes. Then I took over and lettered the heading, added the textures/colors, and integrated the faces into the trees using some vector faces of ours I'd experimented with a while back. Then I used some pages of an old book I'd gotten as a gift from Mirna to create the grassy earth textures in the ground. I then pulled out some words to form subtle phrases that signified our unity. We were both really happy with the outcome and excited to give them to our guests. -C

Wedding Gift/ CD Art

It's official. We're married. We're really looking forward to creating art other than for ourselves. This is one of two gifts we gave to our friends and family who attended the wedding. Seeing as our DJ was an iPod mix I compiled, I knew I wanted to burn a sampling of what music was played that night. Here's what I came up with. -C