Friday, October 23, 2009

ShoeboxBlog Halloween Posts

I recently joined the Alternative Humor studio at work. This is a series of Halloween themed "quotes of the day" I contributed to the ShoeboxBlog. -C

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cake decorating

After designing my own Wedding Cake (which is really not that involved, so I'm not posting it), my friend Tobe asked me to collaborate with another artist friend (Amy Kligman) to design her Wedding Cake. Amy and I wanted to do a test cake, so we decided to make Tobe's Bridal Shower Cake. Tobe picked the colors and we just went with it! It was a lot of fun. I could see myself doing more of this in the future ;) -m

Friday, October 9, 2009

New Book!

Hello everyone!
Long time since posting.
Well it's been a busy year and many things have distracted us from making lots of art. However, that will change soon. We will try and focus more on personal work starting late October. Until then, here's a little collaborative book I worked on with my dear friend Maura Cluthe. "It's Not Easy Being Brave" was written by Megan Haave. Making the book was really a great process. Maura and I did everything together! First we created all background textures with acrylic paint. Next we drew out the outline on acetate and scanned everything in. We added some color and detail in Photoshop. Lastly, while I was in Florida getting married Maura finished the layout of the book - lettering and all! The stuffed monster comes with the book. We really appreciated the freedom we had in designing it. It pretty much turned out like the mock up we made!
Another, very cool addition to this book was that my 8 year old step son Alex got to participate in the making of this book. The part where the boy in the book writes a note to Pip (his monster pet), as well as the "This book belongs to" page was Alex' handwriting and drawing. I'm very proud to have officially collaborated with him on his first nationally published piece of art. He also gets mentioned in the credits. Now, how many 8 year olds do you know that can say that???
Hope you like it! If you'd like to own it, "It's Not Easy Being Brave" is out in the Hallmark stores right now. -m