Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Passage of Time

I knew for my next creation I wanted to push what I do. Collaging with clip art alone was starting to feel a bit limiting. When I created our website, I experimented with photo collage. I was instantly hooked! The process is the same; with clip art it's scanning.. with photos, it's shooting. Being these images all live on the computer, the crossover was easy, and photos have much more life to them.

I thought bringing my tattoo to life would be a nice in-the-moment challenge, and I already had a *concept and blueprint to work with. The gathering process was the fun part, as I felt like I was on a scavenger hunt with printout in hand trying to photograph all of the elements it required. I've been to the zoo, museum, antique malls, downtown, the library, and around the house to make this happen. The effort, though demanding at times, made it all the more rewarding upon completion. -C

*see original tattoo drawing previously posted.


Jake said...

You, sir, are insane. Wow, that's… wow. You must have the patience of a saint… That is awesome!

Marcos said...

Wow this is seriously really amazing, especially that you photographed all those elements..! You're awesome !