Monday, March 2, 2009

Chris' surprise wedding video

Finally I can stop sneaking around! For about 2 months I spent most every weekend at work creating this surprise video for Chris. He thought I was just really busy, and completely supported my overachieving attitude toward Hallmark.
I really wanted him to have absolutely no clue that I’m doing anything at all for him at our wedding. I didn’t want him to sense that there might be a surprise coming. I think I succeeded. The hardest thing was not being able to tell him when I learned something new in After Effects- which happened every day… We talk about work and our creative process all the time, and I was dying to share this new passion of mine with him.
However, it was worth it. I hope someone captured his face at our wedding when the movie started rolling. Our friend Sergio Moreno-Denton (who also performed our ceremony with his lovely wife Emily Akins) did an amazing job of finding the perfect equipment for the showing, setting everything up without me having to worry about anything, and all that while he kept it secret. Thank you Sergio!!!
My main goal was to show Chris in a creative and visual way what he means to me. He did such a lovely job surprising me when we got engaged, I really felt an urge to do something very special for him in return.
So, technically and creatively speaking, this may not be the best movie you’ve ever seen. But it just might be the most honest, raw, and genuine outpour of my emotions. It's also very small online compared to being projected on screen. Some details are lost. The writing on the bottom is the translation in Bosnian.
Anyway, I’m looking forward to applying some of what I learned in the process to future projects at Hallmark and in our freelance work. I think Chris and I could create some really fun movies together!
Enjoy! -m


Sergio said...

Mirna, your style cries for moving pictures! I can't tell you how moved I've been each time I've watched the video. You're right about seeing it on the big screen, it was stunning. I also agree with Emily that your editorial is always wonderful. You should write more!

marcia said...

beautiful!!!! I couldnt help but get teary eye, and I've never even met Chris. The photos, Illustrations, and writing went so beautifully together! Congratulations all around!!!

Emily said...

Love, love, love this video! You did amazing work. Your talent and affection are inspiring!

mauricio salmon said...

this is so good! everything just works really well together.

Carlos V. said...

That was amazing Mirna! I wish you guys the best possible life together!!

Lejla said...

Work of a genius!
I just can't get enough of this video!
It was my absolute favorite thing at the wedding and the only thing that made me cry!

Congratulations and please continue to create more things like this!

Love you guys,
sis L

Sarah said...

Mirna, this is so beautiful. It gave me a lump in my throat. really...just beautiful. and the little guy has some serious pipes!!!!

Bess said...

I am teary eyed at my desk! That was wonderful! So incredibly sweet.

Meg Biram said...

Definitely crying at work. That was beautiful.